Proprietary Information And Inventions Agreement Sample

The employer has all the rights, interests and rights over all inventions (i.e. those that are invented or related) that have been invented, made, or reduced to practice by the worker during the duration of the employment. These include ideas or inventions resulting from the use of an employer`s institutions or assets and research conducted under the direction of the employer. The employee is required by agreement to disclose, provide and defend all «inventions attributed» to an employer and not to use or disclose limited materials if the employee is not fully authorized. Except as noted below, the employee acknowledges that on that date (or where this schedule is executed after the company begins employment by the company, at the time the employee begins employment by the company), the employee knows nothing about the company or the ownership information of Clef, Inc. (the «company»). 3. Protected information. I agree that all assigned inventions and other financial, commercial, legal and technical information, including identity and other information about employees, affiliates and business partners of the company (as defined below) that I develop, learn or retain or receive confidentially by or for the company.

, constitute «proprietary information.» I maintain confidence and will not disclose directly or indirectly or will use, except in the context of my employment, all proprietary utility information. Protected information should not contain information that, as I can document, is unrestricted or easily accessible to the public. After the termination of my working relationship, I will immediately return to the Company all items containing or embodying proprietary information (including all copies), except that I may retain my personal copies of (a) of my compensation documents, b) of material distributed to shareholders in general, and (c) to retain this agreement. I also recognize and agree that I have no expectation of privacy regarding the company`s networks, telecommunications systems or information processing systems (including, but not limited, computer files, email messages and voicemails backed up) and that my activity and all files or messages can be monitored at any time without notice. , whether this activity takes place on the devices. that are mine or the company. Company premises that are owned, leased or owned by the company, including computers, computer files, emails, voicemail, storage media, filing cabinets or other workplaces, are subject to inspection by company staff at any time, with or without notice. Previous agreements. The employee assures and guarantees that the employee`s compliance with the terms of the agreement is not contrary to a confidentiality agreement of the property information acquired by the employee prior to the company`s employment. The employee listed in Appendix A all other proprietary information agreements or inventions in which the employee is involved.

In good conscience, there is no other contract between the employee and another person or institution that is contrary to this agreement or that relates to proprietary information, inventions, the attribution of ideas or intellectual property. the allocation of inventions. All inventions created or prepared by the worker as part and extent of the employee`s employment in the company, (ii) during the normal business hours during the employee`s employment by the company or (iii) when using one of the company`s proprietary information or resources (together «Associated Inventions»), are considered specially commissioned work and whether or not works are manufactured for rent , the company exclusively owns all inventions sold and all rights, titles, interests and privileges