Agreement With God Korean Drama

Did Ji Young even ask her husband Min-Ho if he would see if he was compatible with his son for the bone marrow transplant before calling her husband????? Whether she did it or not, I would ask her. But maybe she did as I only saw the first two episodes. Blunt Nov 25 2018 9:46 Am A woman`s child has leukemia, so she goes to the hospital with her old husband instead of her new one. I don`t know what universe it makes sense in. In another scene, she learns of her old man`s infidelity, so she hits her own face several times to make sure she`s not dreaming. Like someone`s really doing it. The rest of the script is just as hard. It`s like watching a telenovela or a soap opera. Too bad, because I loved the previous work of the director «A Thousand Kisses». I hope he finds a better script next time.

zombie Dec 10 2018 9:01 am wow 3 bombshell in this drama alone can not ask for more han chae young, oh yoon ah and the ex miss korea oh hyun kyung they are over 170cm tallest beauties with well-formed sculptural bodies wow wow wow in only here cuz of these 3 ladies tho the interesting and entertaining plot Chae 8 I like bae like that. I feel in love with him in Dong Yi. I hate that he plays more bad characters than good ones. Personally, I don`t think it looks like a posterior; But I think he`s sexy with a goat. In this drama, it`s about how two couples will do everything to save their children. This is without taking into account the fact that they leave ethics and morality to a party to do so. Do-Yeob supports and supports NK again. NK told him about putting HW in Kim`s recording, and jw didn`t support that. But two shoes, DY, who is supposed to be JWe`s friend, agreed with NK that it would be a good idea. Why doesn`t he care about his own business? If he is JW`s friend, he should accept what JW wants and not NK. Stupid – he helped NK take care of JW. 48 Episodes – His 21:00 (4x35min epsiode per day) Synopsis «A Pledge to God» is a human melodrama about two couples who make decisions beyond the ethics and morals of this world to save their dying children.

Why doesn`t HW talk to his mother and Min-Ho about the bruises on his body? It would be better for him to be treated sooner rather than later. I hope he didn`t come in with his father because he feels a burden to his parents. JY and MH love HW so much. I`m sure you don`t feel like a burden to them. MH also doesn`t talk about what comes to mind. He should have told HW how much he was going to do with him. HW is caught in the middle. Children are always the ones who suffer from their parents` decisions. Ivsy Dez 23 2018 16:14 (14) I am addicted to this drama, I can not even imagine what goes through the mother`s head, if she hears the only solution to treat the deadly disease, is to have one more brother and sister to save your child, I would do it in a heartbeat and enter a sh.

t about what people think if you`re not a parent, you can`t imagine how hard it is to lose a child.