Under This Agreement In Italiano

Work on this topic is being reviewed by the participants` committee for the extension of trade in information technology products. The current chair is. Once the agreement is signed, you will receive 16 points. Participation in the free citizen training course is confirmed if the agreement is successfully reviewed. – if you have not received 30 credits at the end of the two years, the agreement is renewed under the same conditions for an additional year; (1) The border area of Switzerland is defined in Appendix 4 of the minutes of the fifth meeting of the Joint Committee established in Brussels on 2 April 1998, as part of the 1992 agreement. This is usually an area within 10 km of a customs office. – reduce rail transport controls and bring them to the point of embarkation or disembarkation as part of the agreement of 20 May 1987 between the Community and Switzerland and between the EFTA countries, In order to facilitate customs clearance at border crossings between the European Union and Switzerland, Switzerland agreed in 1999 under the Joint Commission established by the 1992 agreement. , to the following measures: triangular traffic as such: when the vehicle crosses the country in which it is registered in accordance with the normal route. How many points to learn Italian? The integration agreement invites you to know the Italian spoken, at least until phase A2, within 2 years, with the possibility of an extension of up to 3 years.

For A2 level, you need to be able to answer, for example, questions about yourself, your family, your job, the city you live in, the things you want to buy and the things you need, etc. Below is a list of points you will receive based on the amount of Italian you know: Level A1 (only in Italian): 10 points Level A1: 14 Points Level A2 (only in Italian): 20 points Level A2: 24 Points Level B1 (only in Italian): 26 Points Level B1: 28 Points Level plus B1: 30 Points What do you need to do to learn Italian? To learn Italian, you can take a course.